Long-term Player Development:

At Goal Football School, our aim is focused on long-term player development. With most clubs and academies taking a team-centred approach, our approach is more player-centred. This allows us to cater to the needs of each player as he/she grows to love the beautiful game and develop their footballing ability. We also impart knowledge on to our students about the importance of teamwork.



Being good with the ball is just not enough. We also help them understand how to play alongside their teammates, because at the end of the day even though the objective may be to score goals, you have to build-up progression from defence to midfield to attack to score. We teach kids to identify the position they want to play and work towards developing and bettering their skills in that position.


We focus on each individual’s technical skills, from dribbling to passing and so on. At GFS, our aim is to create a solid technical-base for children at a young age, ensuring they become more confident on the ball when they get older.


With football being a contact and physically demanding sport, injuries are bound to happen. We ensure as part of our training sessions to incorporate physical drills and exercises to make them physically fit to handle the pressures of the ever-evolving game. We also provide nutritional advice, where our nutritional advisor offers expert advice to parents about their kid’s dietary conditions.


Now playing the game is not just enough for us. At GFS, we completely understand that the mind is as important as the body to become a better player. As our motto says “We Don’t Teach Just Football” is just about right. With help from our external partners, we work with them to ensure our kids learn how to cope with winning and losing as well as self-belief and confidence which is the key to transforming someone from a good player to a great player.


With the dawn of social media, kids have gotten easily distracted by trying to emulate their idols with the help of videos from YouTube and other social platforms. Our job is to make sure our kids stay grounded and realistic, but at the same time dream big and open their minds to endless possibilities through hard work and determination.

The GFS Way

In addition to our teaching philosophy and technical curriculum, we aim to represent the GFS way in all our programming. The GFS way is much more than what we do and how we achieve it. It defines who we are as a football school. From administration to how our coaches train kids on the field and how they conduct themselves off the field as well. Rest assured, we create a fun, safe, enjoyable and learning atmosphere for our kids to develop. This is captured in our positive thinking and free-flowing style of play.
We have a saying at our football school, “Go After Your Goals”. This is the GFS way.